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Fun on the Farm

Experience Real Life Farm!

Children in our school benefit from the unique experience of a real, working farm right here on our property.


Every day that weather permits, our classrooms travel back to the farm to feed and interact with our animals--sometimes holding baby animals; riding miniature horses; bottle-feeding baby goats, lambs, and pigs; hand-feeding goats and sheep; petting kittens and rabbits; and even sometimes milking our cow.

Children learn empathy, responsibility, conservation, thoughtfulness, gentleness, sanitation, and important life lessons as they care for and play with our animals. 

We also occasionally have hayrides or hikes in the woods, exploring nature and learning about our environment. In the summer time, our Junior Day Camp goes back to the farm for water play and even sometimes eats a picnic lunch at one of our eating areas.



Our gentle, miniature horses, ponies, and donkeys are just the right size and temperament for young children.

From time to time (determined by the farm's work schedule), your child's classroom will have the opportunity to ride while someone from our staff leads their horse around a small track.


Bottle-Feeding Baby Animals

Every spring, our farm becomes home to baby animals of many kinds. Our goat kids, lambs, piglets, and even our calf receive multiple bottle feedings every day, and occasionally the children of our school join the fun.


Give Your Child the Gift of Real Life Wonder

Our Real Life Farm sets our school apart as a learning environment unlike any other. Your child will have unique opportunities throughout the year to enjoy life-changing experiences in a safe and friendly environment with real animals and outdoor fun.

Hayrides, horseback rides, picnics, hikes, kittens, ducklings, and more give your child rich experiences that will become cherished memories.

You can learn more about our school and farm on our Virtual Tour.

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