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Safety & Security

Your child's safety and security are our number one priority. While the Canton community is already a safe place to live, we believe every precaution should be taken to ensure the wellbeing of our children and staff. Farmer Don and Ms. Mary Ann spared no expense in designing our state of the art facility with top of the line safety and security features.

Below you'll learn about some of the safety and security features we have in place.

Secure Doors and Coded Entry

Through passcode security, our entrance system is designed so only users authorized by Real Life Nursery School & Kindergarten have access to our school. 


All of our outside doors are only opened through periodically changed passcodes known only to our staff. This prevents anyone other than staff from entering our buildings through playground doors.


Children are only released to adults who are listed on their emergency forms. Photo identification is required to be shown at the front desks before being allowed to pick up a child.


Backup Generators

Storms are less scary when the lights stay on. 


Our dual, whole-school generators automatically ensure that your child is safe and comfortable even in the event of a local power outage.

These generators are powerful enough to keep our buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter while also keeping our coded entryways, lights, kitchen, computers, and other important features fully operational.

Secure Storm Shelters

Both buildings of our school feature uniquely engineered storm shelters.


During construction, Farmer Don gave two rules to the engineers as they designed our basement shelters: (1) The lid can never come off, and (2) nothing can ever penetrate the lid.


In response, the engineers developed a system of solid steel trusses, fully coated in flame-retardant material. Each wall is 16 inches thick with 12-inch anchors in solid concrete.

Both shelters ensure your child is well-protected even in the worst possible weather scenario.


Fire-Resistant Building

That may look like wood on the outside of our building, but it's actually a special, "fibrous concrete" plank developed by James Hardie Building Products, Inc. It is noncombustible and UL-rated for "zero smoke contribution."

Additionally, our school is framed entirely of steel with no wood.

And as anyone would expect, our building has a built-in fire suppression system, and we maintain up-to-date fire extinguishers and smoke detectors throughout the school.


Egressed Classrooms

Yet another unique safety feature is that every one of our classrooms offers secure egress doors leading directly out to our covered, wrap-around porch.

Our covered porch allows for outdoor play and tricycle riding even during inclement weather. And in the heat of summer, it's a nice, shady place for crafts, snacks, and relaxing with friends.


Trained Staff Exceeding State Ratios

We believe your child deserves more personal care, so we hire enough staff for each classroom to exceed the State-required ratios.

We carefully select staff members who are happy, fun, educated, and well experienced with children; and then we provide them with ongoing training throughout the year.


  • The Canton Police Department conducts an annual training for managing certain emergency situations,

  • We ensure all our teachers and assistants are certified in both First Aid and CPR, and

  • We regularly bring in outside trainers who equip our staff with best-practices in caring for children.


FIRST AID          CPR


Child-Safe Playgrounds

Our playgrounds feature child-safe turf and equipment that allows your child to play hard with friends while minimizing the need for Band-Aids. All our equipment is inspected and maintained to ensure your child can freely and safely run, jump, climb, and explore.

Whether on the playground, in the classroom, or on the farm, our staff is stationed to ensure supervision from all angles so your child is safe to learn, grow, and build friendships no matter the current activity.

Child-Safe Property

Even beyond the walls and fences of our school and playground, we've been careful to ensure our property is safe for your child.

When planning the school, Wayne County Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control required us to have two ponds on the property for run-off from the parking lots. Farmer Don, however, insisted the ponds would be a safety risk to children. After negotiating with the County, an agreement was made to install "pump lift stations" that would allow water and other run-off to drain and filter properly without harming the environment and without the dangers of a body of water near the school.


Comfortable Classrooms

We believe comfy children and staff are happy children and staff.

Each of our ten classrooms features its own dedicated HVAC system. This ensures the staff in each room can independently regulate their own room's temperature without making another room too hot or cold. This keeps your child comfortable no matter the outside temperature.

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